While I Was Away

I’m returning to work here – and hoping very soon to be able to do many more sessions that I can post here – along with privately commissioned images that will not be published.

I was offered a chance to participate as one of four featured photographers in a one night gallery event. And they actually gave me an award! Twenty-six models, twenty-six opportunities to demonstrate the beauty of women in our world.


You can see all of the images from all of the photographers who participated, as well as the words of the models who bravely participated by clicking here – Embrace Your Body.

So as we count things to be thankful for – this opportunity must be on the list for me in 2015.

A Study in Legs

Once again, a client becomes a friend.

I did some photos for Jessica earlier this year, and consequently began following her activities on Instagram. One day she posted a few photos of her doing some inverted yoga there. I very quickly sent her a message inquiring if she’d like to do that in front of the fancy lights – and she obviously said yes. I’m sure she’d probably say here or there that a toe should be pointed better, or some other bit of form was not quite right, but even without perfection by yoga standards, what I photographed her doing is an extraordinary example of how sculpturally beautiful women are.

Jessica is the mother of a hilariously cute daughter, works 3rd’s as a registered nurse, and in the fall will be entering a Nurse-Anesthetist program.




Truly, on the inside and out – Woman As Art.