There is No Flaw in You

In the client’s own words:
Today, a man stared at me while breastfeeding.
My baby and boob were covered. At 8 months to be covered without so much as a flailing arm is a rarity.
Nevertheless the staring man confidentially said, while never breaking his stare, he confidentially said; “Breastfeeding and c-sections are disgusting. Such a pity for a beautiful woman to willingly destroy her body.” He continued to go on about how hideous both breast and scared tummies are.

I debated posting this, but I think a lot of times we see things on social media and casually think this isn’t an issue close to home, because we’ve not experienced it firsthand.
I was told it would be hard to find a man to love me, because my body was wrecked after I found myself a single mom at seventeen.
This is life.
My body has carried three beautiful babies.
Do not let selfish men or a backward world tell you that the process and proof of life is not beautiful.
We are not meant to be ageless and without cracks.”You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”-Song of Solomon 4:7

While I Was Away

I’m returning to work here – and hoping very soon to be able to do many more sessions that I can post here – along with privately commissioned images that will not be published.

I was offered a chance to participate as one of four featured photographers in a one night gallery event. And they actually gave me an award! Twenty-six models, twenty-six opportunities to demonstrate the beauty of women in our world.


You can see all of the images from all of the photographers who participated, as well as the words of the models who bravely participated by clicking here – Embrace Your Body.

So as we count things to be thankful for – this opportunity must be on the list for me in 2015.

Be Open to the Experience That Could Change You

Be open to the experience that could change you.

Author Julie Burstein said that during a now famous TED Talk in 2012. She was talking about how sculptor Richard Serra came to realize what he was to do in life, but I think it applies to anyone at a crossroads.

Getting yourself out of your comfort zone and seeing yourself in a new light can be that experience.

I really can’t say yet if my new friend Aaron had an experience at her session that changed her, but she did tell me this afterwards, “I totally respect your vision, and I would love to be a part of it (again) in the future,” which was a deeply profound compliment, I thought.



Cassie at 33 weeks

Cassie has been featured on Woman as Art before, and I was happy to have her here in the studio again this week.

She’s about 33 weeks along, and is expecting to see her new son in about 6 weeks. He will join a big brother and two big sisters. They all got in the action during the session!





Someone might question the pose in the 3rd photo – with basically Cassie sitting like a man. She did say it was quite comfortable, but the artistic vision behind this is: this is historically a pose of power – and what’s more powerful than bringing life into the world.

And that’s just another way that a woman becomes a masterpiece.

Ashley’s Celebration of Motherhood

Thanks to Ashley for bringing Annabelle and Nathaniel to the studio. Annabelle is three and busied herself with looking out the front windows and other things.

Nathaniel wanted to do one thing – well two things – crawl around the place showing me how dirty the floor was, and then be close to Mom.



The beautiful bond between mother and child is absolutely – a Work Of Art.


A woman’s hair has long been celebrated as part of her beauty. Certain royal circles years ago plucked the hairline to a specific curve to look more regal, and some societies a woman’s hair is considered not something for public view.

Fortunately so many beautiful women have spent considerable time recently working their hair to perfection before coming to my studio:







Jade Beall was kind enough to post one of my images this week ( and she said “we are all masterpieces.” Indeed ladies, you all are, right down the hair on your head.