The Scar She Bears

“They cut a hole in you and took your son out of you and what’s left demonstrates your ability to love,” I said to her after her session.

She had told me her son was breech and all she¬†could think was, “ok great, now I’m going to have to have major surgery AND have a scar the rest of my life.”

But when she saw her son she “loved him immediately. My friends say they always knew I’d be a good mom because I love so fiercely. I just didn’t know it until I held him and knew instantly that there was no greater love than becoming a mom. I have that scar and couldn’t be more proud of it. He is the best thing I have ever done, and an every day reminder of that is fine by me.”


I first met this client back in 2009, and the son that would be born after those images were made is soon to turn 5. He has a little brother now as well. Also during that time frame, recovery from a difficult abdominal surgery. She has more than once in her career worked as a professional model and each time I have photographed her I came away better at what I do. She’s also a prominent businessperson and somewhat of a fitness guru.

And she’s an extraordinarily beautiful Work of Art.