While I was off working…

I have had to spend some time away from Woman as Art doing some senior pictures and a wedding and a few other things, and while all that was going on – my site passed 8,000 views. People in 38 countries have seen the site since I launched it to celebrate the beauty of all women.

Thanks to all of the beautiful women who have allowed me to tell their stories and show their beauty on these pages.

I continue to learn remarkable things about the people that I work with. Here is what Spring wrote about this photo:

“An interesting fact about tumblers: The knee functions as the prime shock absorber of forces created by jumping and landing activities. Lower extremity impact forces incurred from a double backward somersault, for example, can result in peak vertical ground reaction forces of 8 to 14 times the body’s weight.

With every pass, for over 20 years, little did I know my knees were absorbing 880 – 1,540 pounds. How is it possible that I have never had a knee injury? Whatever the mind can conceive, the body can do… With enough practice and persistence.”



I have photographed Cassie a couple of times, and she was kind enough to bring her children and husband to the open house at the new studio when I got things going in my permanent location a year ago. She’s also been gracious enough to appear in some of my advertising, and here as well.

She’s expecting again, and when I saw her shopping a week or two ago I noticed it may be nearly time for her tummy shoot.




It’s interesting to note that each time I have photographed Cassie, she has arrived not only as a professional model would (I suspect, anyway – I don’t really work with models, just regular women, as I have said before), but she also arrives with her children and husband as well. They go off to the back room and play, and she seems to transform herself in front of the camera into someone besides the mommy of toddlers.

Thank you Cassie for being a work of art.

The Beauty of Ballet

I said a couple of years ago to a friend I wanted to photograph a ballet dancer, and that friend connected me with another who connected me with Carly.

Carly’s since graduated after studying dance at the college level, and now teaches. I had not been near (as in the same room) with someone who had such talent, and she seemed to tower over me when she put her shoes on and did the ‘en pointe’ thing. I may have actually been on a step ladder for some of those shots.


There was a quiet grace about her as she began to stretch and get ready, and then she basically started doing her thing even though the floor was slippery, I made her get into a couple of poses a dancer would never be in, and a few other slip-ups.




A Study in Legs

Once again, a client becomes a friend.

I did some photos for Jessica earlier this year, and consequently began following her activities on Instagram. One day she posted a few photos of her doing some inverted yoga there. I very quickly sent her a message inquiring if she’d like to do that in front of the fancy lights – and she obviously said yes. I’m sure she’d probably say here or there that a toe should be pointed better, or some other bit of form was not quite right, but even without perfection by yoga standards, what I photographed her doing is an extraordinary example of how sculpturally beautiful women are.

Jessica is the mother of a hilariously cute daughter, works 3rd’s as a registered nurse, and in the fall will be entering a Nurse-Anesthetist program.




Truly, on the inside and out – Woman As Art.