Grabbing Your Problem With Both Hands

A few days ago I made senior pictures for Tess, and during that session she confided in me that she suffered from a disorder calledĀ Trichotillomania, or TTM. Because of that she sometimes had an uncontrollable urge to pull her hair out. She also told me she had found a way conquer it.

When she told me what that was, I advised her that if she desired to show that publicly, I’d be glad to help her. What follows is some images made today – one day after she toldĀ Trichotillomania that it was not going to be in control of her any more…

img_7410w img_7362w img_7444w

Much love to Tess for deciding to not only tackleĀ Trichotillomania head on (no pun intended) but also for allowing me to share it publicly here, proving that through strength and a world of other things most of us know nothing about, even without hair, a woman can still be a beautiful Work of Art.


A woman’s hair has long been celebrated as part of her beauty. Certain royal circles years ago plucked the hairline to a specific curve to look more regal, and some societies a woman’s hair is considered not something for public view.

Fortunately so many beautiful women have spent considerable time recently working their hair to perfection before coming to my studio:







Jade Beall was kind enough to post one of my images this week ( and she said “we are all masterpieces.” Indeed ladies, you all are, right down the hair on your head.