While I was off working…

I have had to spend some time away from Woman as Art doing some senior pictures and a wedding and a few other things, and while all that was going on – my site passed 8,000 views. People in 38 countries have seen the site since I launched it to celebrate the beauty of all women.

Thanks to all of the beautiful women who have allowed me to tell their stories and show their beauty on these pages.

I continue to learn remarkable things about the people that I work with. Here is what Spring wrote about this photo:

“An interesting fact about tumblers: The knee functions as the prime shock absorber of forces created by jumping and landing activities. Lower extremity impact forces incurred from a double backward somersault, for example, can result in peak vertical ground reaction forces of 8 to 14 times the body’s weight.

With every pass, for over 20 years, little did I know my knees were absorbing 880 – 1,540 pounds. How is it possible that I have never had a knee injury? Whatever the mind can conceive, the body can do… With enough practice and persistence.”