Best of…

Much of what I do in my photo studio is what’s commonly called boudoir, but frequently those clients will request something more artistic, based on what they’ve seen on this website. These are a collection of images that my clients and myself worked together to create for Valentine’s Day. Many of my clients are creating something that will be a gift for a significant other, but more and more are creating something to have, just for themselves.

img_2034w img_2037w img_9891w

These images appear here due to the gracious permission of the clients who helped me create them.

While I Was Away

I’m returning to work here – and hoping very soon to be able to do many more sessions that I can post here – along with privately commissioned images that will not be published.

I was offered a chance to participate as one of four featured photographers in a one night gallery event. And they actually gave me an award! Twenty-six models, twenty-six opportunities to demonstrate the beauty of women in our world.


You can see all of the images from all of the photographers who participated, as well as the words of the models who bravely participated by clicking here – Embrace Your Body.

So as we count things to be thankful for – this opportunity must be on the list for me in 2015.

That Doesn’t Even Look Like Me.

IMG_1339wBut it is you. All you.

What I frequently hear is that I will need to “work my magic” in Photoshop. In reality no ‘magic’ is necessary. This is the way you look. When my model saw this image in her email, she said it was SHOCKING.

If it was shocking – it’s because women spend a lifetime looking at themselves in the mirror and not seeing the beauty that they have. Please, ladies – see the beauty that you have, the power that you give, and know that you are a Work of Art.

Who is Woman As Art?

The answer of course is – every woman.

I had a conversation with a friend today. In fact it was someone who’s wedding I photographed a good while ago. She began to name the people that have appeared in my blog to this date – and got all but about 2 right.

The point is that – I have purposely stayed away from ‘professional models’ as I have created these images. They are all clients who became friends, women I met shopping, just out and out friends, and my wife as well. Woman who have jobs and have raised or are raising children, or getting married and are thinking about the day they will have their own.

Such is the case below. Someone who is now a friend, but who came to me looking to create a Valentine’ gift, and THEN stepped way beyond what she thought her comfort zone was to create the image below. ┬áNow a student, learning to care for others. Soon a wife, and thinking about when she will be a mother.

And very much – a Work of Art.