The Skin of a Woman

The skin of a woman is like a road map.
It shows you where she has been.
It shows where she still has to go.
It tells the ways she has been strong, and leads you to where she wants to be stronger.
She might think it shows where she is weak, but really it shows you where she is beautiful, and strong.

The Scar She Bears

“They cut a hole in you and took your son out of you and what’s left demonstrates your ability to love,” I said to her after her session.

She had told me her son was breech and all she¬†could think was, “ok great, now I’m going to have to have major surgery AND have a scar the rest of my life.”

But when she saw her son she “loved him immediately. My friends say they always knew I’d be a good mom because I love so fiercely. I just didn’t know it until I held him and knew instantly that there was no greater love than becoming a mom. I have that scar and couldn’t be more proud of it. He is the best thing I have ever done, and an every day reminder of that is fine by me.”



I have been approached twice by friends to add my ‘take’ on breastfeeding. This I am happy to do. We sometimes forget of the power of a woman – the ability to bring life into the world, and the ability to sustain and nourish that life.

First is Laci. You can read more about her struggles and success HERE. Her son recently celebrated his first birthday, and I was honored to be there with my camera.


And this is Abby. I heard today there will be more of these photos in the near future as she celebrates what she’s able to share with her daughter.