I am Free

All my life, I have been a victim of body shaming.
It started when I was a child, before I even became overweight.
Other people told me I wasn’t good enough. Then once I learned how, I spent my life shaming myself. I didn’t look like the girls in magazines or on TV. I wasn’t especially talented at anything in particular.IMG_5866wI had a hard life at home, being abused and told that I wasn’t worth a damn.
Even after I escaped my home situation, I came down hard on myself. The shaming didn’t stop, because I myself believed those words.
One day I finally realized. I am strong. I’ve been through more than some people could take.IMG_5873wI AM WORTH IT.
My weight does not define me.
Other people’s words do not define me.IMG_5847wI am free.
And I finally feel beautiful.

– The model’s own words.