Woman As Art is an extension of my photography studio.

For many years I have been making photographs that women gave as gifts to their significant others. It might be said that I was ‘boudoir’ before boudoir was cool. Over time client after client told me that the gift they received – how they felt about themselves – was in fact a much larger gift than the images themselves.

One client would change my outlook. She told me that her marriage was ending. She later wrote:
Those pictures for me were a reclaiming of my body; it was about making a decision for ME. They weren’t meant for anyone else, although I have shared them with a select few close friends, and the compliments I have been given make me feel validated, not for how they see the pictures, but for how they see me and the courage and determination that went into the decision to take the pictures.” She gave me the name – Woman as Art.

One of the images from that session was later published by nationally-known photographer Jade Beall, who’s work is touching hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. See more about Jade HERE.

My name is Cliff Ingram, and I own a photo studio in beautiful, downtown, Princeton Indiana.

Ingram Images makes images for high school seniors, infants, families, all ages in between, and beautiful women. If you’d like to be a part of what I do, either with a traditional session, or in Woman As Art please contact me in the message box below.

You can also call or text me at 812-304-6056.

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