The Scars of Life

TRIGGER WARNING – Self-harm discussion follows.

For those of us who have led what you might consider a ‘sheltered life’, the thought of someone intentionally harming themselves is likely something that we’ve heard about, but not spent a lot of time dwelling on.

It was inevitable that when I began my Woman as Art journey, I’d run into a client or model who bears such scars.

I have photographed several.

Self-injury Awareness Day was created to break down the stereotypes that many of us have about self-harm, and I chosen to support those who have been affected by wearing orange – and by posting this image of a beautiful friend.

Though remaining anonymous, she has graciously shared her story with me, much of it will be including in the forthcoming Woman as Art book.

2 million people in the US have injured themselves in some way, and there are a thousand reasons why – but the reason that I found that hits me the hardest is – they’ve just been numbed by everything else in their lives, and just want to feel SOMETHING.

Even after treatment, my friend still tells me she has wandered the razor aisle, fighting the urge not to fuck up.

For fighting a daily battle, you are Woman as Art.

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