For potential models…

Thank you for volunteering.

I will be scheduling a time in the near future for a photo session with you in the near future. The session will most likely be in my studio on the square in Princeton, but there may be other locations that we’ll agree to as well – or instead of. There may be places that have more meaning to your story than the studio, or you may physically not be able to get here.

There are a couple of requirements you should be aware of as well.

  1. You will be required to sign a release that allows me to use your images and words publicly.
  2. Nudity on some level is required. I can arrange images where you remain anonymous, but I’d prefer for that to be the exception, rather than the norm. NOTE – there may be some instances where underage models are photographed. In this case there will be no images created that would violate any laws.
  3. You will be required to tell your ‘story.’ You might think that you don’t have one, but every woman that I’ve met does. This might actually be the most difficult part of the process.

Please, no comparisons. You are all beautiful by your own standards. Comparisons tend to use society’s concept of beauty as a ruler. And comparisons are often an attempt to belittle yourself, and I am here and doing this project to UPLIFT you. There may also be an attempt to compare ‘stories’ once they are known. Please put that aside as well. A similar ruler applies as well.

Again – thank you SO MUCH!

7 thoughts on “For potential models…

  1. I think the work you do is absolutely stunning. The idea that you teach women to embrace their physical flaws and even find beauty in them is an art in itself. I truely hope you continue to hold these sessions as long as possible for the sake of our younger generation, it’s disheartening to see girls who haven’t even hit puberty concerned about their BMI because you can’t see their individual ribs. You’re an idol to many women. Thank you.

  2. I would love to come volunteer for this! I love your work and the way you portray the beauty in all women!

  3. I would love to participate in this project. I think what you’re doing is wonderful work and would jump at the opportunity to be involved! Feel free to email me 🙂

  4. The work you are doing is amazing. They are so beautiful and elegant. Don’t ever stop because these women need this.
    Should you ever want another model, I might just be brave enough to help.

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