It Took About 11 Months to Create These Images

Longer than Holly’s been pregnant actually. That long for her to realize that she needed to see how beautiful she really is. The bathroom mirror was lying to her, you see. And so while we spoke frequently spoke of what they’d look like, Holly had a little trouble seeing in her own mind what they’d be. Because of that mirror and the obnoxious bathroom lighting.

But this is what Holly really looks like:


When I renewed the conversation she said, “But I’m big and pregnant!”


“That’s EXACTLY how I want to photograph you,” was my reply.


This is is probably my favorite image of the session. It gives the appearance of her floating, as if she were a cloud.



While I Was Away

I’m returning to work here – and hoping very soon to be able to do many more sessions that I can post here – along with privately commissioned images that will not be published.

I was offered a chance to participate as one of four featured photographers in a one night gallery event. And they actually gave me an award! Twenty-six models, twenty-six opportunities to demonstrate the beauty of women in our world.


You can see all of the images from all of the photographers who participated, as well as the words of the models who bravely participated by clicking here – Embrace Your Body.

So as we count things to be thankful for – this opportunity must be on the list for me in 2015.