I’ve been reflecting, like most folks today, on the lessons learned at the feet of our fathers. He taught me how to paint with some gray, heavy, oil-based stuff on the front porch. I think he re-did most of what I painted, truth be known.

I’m still not the painter he is, but at least I know a good paint job when I see it. Like say here on my friend Ashley. She’s the 3rd model to take a sponge brush and cover herself with paint that later washes off with soap and water – trying to see if we can make some images that look like she’s been sculpted out of stone.

I think from this series – the hands are the most fascinating thing:




1 thought on “Sculpture

  1. Really beautiful model and pictures. I am actually sculpting with such model, but I found out that my phone’s camera has a lens that does not render the real size of the artwork. No wonder why my (our) perception of real bodies are distorded. :/

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