An Experiment

I’m certainly not the first person to ever do this, but this is my take on what may happen more with Woman as Art in the future as I perfect my way of doing the technique.IMG_1931w

The model is Laci and many thanks to her for being brave and going ‘all in’ on the paint job. It’s actually kind of a celebration for her. A recent life-changing decision has now left her free to celebrate more with her dance and with her art.




All my flaws.

“All my flaws.” That’s what she said she expected to see when she saw this photograph.

Seems that’s what everyone looks for in themselves. Flaws. It can be crippling.

Rising above that, revealing that in your greatest weaknesses are your greatest strengths is power that we all need to have, especially women.

So what did she actually see when she saw the image?

She told me later, “How soft the curves of my body actually are, but especially how STRONG my hands are against them.”


More than a decade of factory work, raising a child, providing for a family, makes you strong, and it shows in your hands.

It also makes you a Work of Art.