I’m Going to Find ME Again.

I photographed Hollie over a year ago for the first time, and it was for a special gift. A lot, though, has changed in her life in that year, and when I asked her about posing again, but this time for another gallery show that’s now in the planning stages, it took a good while for her to say yes.

She kept saying to me that she had “lost her spunk” because of the breakup, had lost confidence in herself, and that she wasn’t sure that she could ever pose again. I was persistent I guess, and eventually here she was in the studio.

It was a turning point.


I sent her this image last night, and here’s what she told me, “The girl in the pic you sent me is sad and, broken and insecure. I needed to see that because that’s not who I want to be. I’m gonna be ok, I’m going to find me again. Sure I might be a bit different but I’m going to be ok…”

With a second photo she asked me what I saw, and I replied, “Someone who’s struggled, has been scarred, loved, and is still holding her shoulders high.”

The scars will remind you that you’re healing.

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