Beautiful In Spite of that Insecurity

A question came up on a photographer’s message board I frequent on Facebook.
The photographer in question said clients say they are ‘on the bigger side’ when making an inquiry about a photo session – and then asking if that’s OK.
The question posed was – do other photographers turn people away because of their weight or looks?

Let’s ask the question a different way.
Should a photographer turn a client away because they have insecurity about their appearance in some way?
If this was something I practiced I clearly would have no clients, as I have not had a subject that didn’t in some way have at least a small insecurity.

By the way, in every single instance – when my clients and friends have come to the studio, I have at the very least shown them that they are beautiful in spite of that insecurity. In some cases it’s been a life-changing experience.

A photographer/consultant I follow wrote recently:
“I really don’t think passion would cover what I do. Thankfully I have found purpose in what I do.”
I hope it’s easy to see what purpose I want my work to serve.

My client here expressed a desire to remain anonymous, and once again I honor that. Even though her identity will not be known she took great care in helping me select images from our session that helped you see how beautiful she is.




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