An Unexpected Experience

My friend today wishes to remain anonymous, and I have carefully selected images to honor that.

She told me before her photo session that she wanted to do imaged that “I” had never done before. As in the photographer. We were to create original art that I had not ever done with anyone else. Now that’s not THAT tall an order, but considering I had just done somewhere around 15 shoots in the preceding 3 weeks before hers, my idea tank was on the low side. But I promised that would happen – and it certainly did.

She related to me after her session that a funny thing happened when she posed in the nude.

She became empowered.

Empowered beyond being thought of as sexual.

She said it was totally unexpected. Uplifting. And she felt beautiful.



And indeed my friend is her very own, original, work of art.

If you’d like to become Woman as Art, read the additional information HERE, and then contact me at Please do not think that you can’t do this. The beautiful grandmother in these images resisted for a long while, but she accepted, saw herself in a brand new way.

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