The past few months have been quite an experience for myself as a photographer.
The launch of this site which has been seen now in 50 countries, two gallery shows, recognition by other, highly respected photographers, and even more important the continued growth of the beautiful women who have come to me, trusting me to tell me their stories.
Without the support and love of my wife, and other friends and people who are behind what has become a cause – all of this would not be possible.
For that I am today, and every day – thankful.

Beautiful In Spite of that Insecurity

A question came up on a photographer’s message board I frequent on Facebook.
The photographer in question said clients say they are ‘on the bigger side’ when making an inquiry about a photo session – and then asking if that’s OK.
The question posed was – do other photographers turn people away because of their weight or looks?

Let’s ask the question a different way.
Should a photographer turn a client away because they have insecurity about their appearance in some way?
If this was something I practiced I clearly would have no clients, as I have not had a subject that didn’t in some way have at least a small insecurity.

By the way, in every single instance – when my clients and friends have come to the studio, I have at the very least shown them that they are beautiful in spite of that insecurity. In some cases it’s been a life-changing experience.

A photographer/consultant I follow wrote recently:
“I really don’t think passion would cover what I do. Thankfully I have found purpose in what I do.”
I hope it’s easy to see what purpose I want my work to serve.

My client here expressed a desire to remain anonymous, and once again I honor that. Even though her identity will not be known she took great care in helping me select images from our session that helped you see how beautiful she is.




An Unexpected Experience

My friend today wishes to remain anonymous, and I have carefully selected images to honor that.

She told me before her photo session that she wanted to do imaged that “I” had never done before. As in the photographer. We were to create original art that I had not ever done with anyone else. Now that’s not THAT tall an order, but considering I had just done somewhere around 15 shoots in the preceding 3 weeks before hers, my idea tank was on the low side. But I promised that would happen – and it certainly did.

She related to me after her session that a funny thing happened when she posed in the nude.

She became empowered.

Empowered beyond being thought of as sexual.

She said it was totally unexpected. Uplifting. And she felt beautiful.



And indeed my friend is her very own, original, work of art.

If you’d like to become Woman as Art, read the additional information HERE, and then contact me at Please do not think that you can’t do this. The beautiful grandmother in these images resisted for a long while, but she accepted, saw herself in a brand new way.

On This Veteran’s Day:

Today I ask you to honor those who have served and continue their service in the military. Two years ago I had a chance to see the honor that the military bestows upon their own when my great aunt and uncle were interred in Arlington National Cemetery. Both the story and photos I will never forget.

By the way – my Aunt Mary was indeed Woman as Art. Some might have called her ‘a real piece of work.’ I still laugh thinking of her.

A Big Thanks

Once again another big thanks to everyone at the First Friday Artwalk for having me back for a SECOND month of gallery showing!

So many new friends over the past two showings have gotten to hear the story of all the beautiful, Woman as Art subjects.

And especially a big thanks to all the models, including my wife and my friend, Spring:10805124_804285169613243_1020665082_n

I first photographed Spring about 6 years ago, when she was pregnant with her first son, and her husband was deployed to Afghanistan. His response to those images was part of what made me realize that I could make a difference in people’s lives with a camera.IMG_2685a