They’re My Memories

I’ve photographed a lot of people, more women than men of course, who have tattoos.

Everyone seems to have at least one. My wife has ink as well, and I have learned to appreciate the art, as well as why the art exists.

My friend Hannah is one who seems to be in front of my camera whenever she gets something new, or has something finished. The one on her shoulder that’s seen in an image here is on the wall at my studio back before the color was added. It’s even more beautiful now. But why?IMG_6215w

Here’s what she told me about the art she wears. “They’re my memories.. all of them are things that make me smile and remember important things.. my sister, my family, and my faith.” Her sister is Kaitlyn. Older than Hannah, and with Autism. Hannah says, “She’s been in my life for the entirety of it.. I never thought I’d be able to understand my big sister more. Until, that is, Hannah decided to major in Special Education.IMG_6207w

Hannah’s big sister, the “light of her life” has inspired her to make the world a better place. She’s a senior in college now, and truly with her life, as well as the ink on her skin, she is Woman as Art.IMG_9350w

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