Woman as Art – Gallery Show

I can’t begin to tell everyone how excited I am that my Woman as Art work will be displayed this weekend in the one-night gallery show.

I’ll be participating in the ‘First Friday Artwalk’ in downtown Vincennes, Indiana. There are a total of 4 galleries participating.

Images of 17 beautiful women will displayed, along with their personal stories that make them beautiful on the inside as well.
Look forward to seeing you there.


If you’re in southwest Indiana or southeast Illinois, well anywhere for that matter – you’re more than welcome to stop by.

CLICK HERE for a Google map to the location of my friend’s photo studio where my images will be on display.

Hours are 5:00 to 8:00 PM Eastern Time. Refreshments will be served.


Like many young and single mothers, Emily struggled following the birth of her daughter.

Karlee is now three and a beautiful and happy child, and I anticipate photographing her soon. But the stress of caring for Karlee took a toll on Emily. Having a place of her own, paying bills, working 40+ hour weeks and soon the stress was taking its toll. Throw in the loss of a dearly loved brother and a few other things and soon Em weighed less than 100 pounds.

98 pounds, to be exact.

Emily came to me for photographs because she’s happy where she is now. In a good place in her life, remembering the special moments.




She is perhaps, just starting to realize that she has a long way on the road in life, but will always be, a beautiful Work of Art.

Oh and by the way, “Infamous” is a tattoo that graces her lower torso.