That Doesn’t Even Look Like Me.

IMG_1339wBut it is you. All you.

What I frequently hear is that I will need to “work my magic” in Photoshop. In reality no ‘magic’ is necessary. This is the way you look. When my model saw this image in her email, she said it was SHOCKING.

If it was shocking – it’s because women spend a lifetime looking at themselves in the mirror and not seeing the beauty that they have. Please, ladies – see the beauty that you have, the power that you give, and know that you are a Work of Art.

3 thoughts on “That Doesn’t Even Look Like Me.

  1. I wish it were that easy, Cliff! Looking in the mirror for many women (including myself) is so much torture. If only society would learn not to judge us against the “ideal woman” that they’ve chosen.

    • I understand. Through my conversations with Jade Beall, and many other women I have learned much about how women judge themselves.
      Here’s what Jade posted yesterday:
      “Corporations profit off selling us insecurity, against ourselves and one another, they tell us we need things to be beautiful, to remove our wrinkles and to change our shape. But we all know that self-LOVE is the most beautiful potion of them all, made locally in our irreplaceably precious soul.”

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