Abby and June

Abby and June were my first session of 2014, coming to the studio when June was only days old. Big sister Faith was along too and she’ll be featured in a lighting blog as my weekly contribution here:

Here though we celebrate a loving mother who has gone above and beyond in her support of other breastfeeding mothers in the area. Thus she becomes Woman as Art:





By the way – if you’re interested in celebrating your beauty and becoming Woman as Art – email me and find out how:


Abby wrote this after seeing the images of her session. I found it quite touching:

“Yesterday I took the plunge. I went to a photo shoot and took my shirt off. I’d like to say I did this for other women to show them that a mothers body is beautiful, but I didn’t. I did this for myself. I can preach about beauty all day long but if I don’t believe it myself, I am nothing. I had been avoiding this shoot for over a year now. Here it is, my sagging natural breasts that nourish my little one. My shoulders, those that bear stress and hunch over when I cradle my babies. In other photos, my belly; once taut and flat, now covered in stretch marks and flabby. I am a mother. I am woman. I am a wonderful and I am art.

Thank you, Cliff Ingram as so many before me have said before. You are the gateway I needed.”

That Doesn’t Even Look Like Me.

IMG_1339wBut it is you. All you.

What I frequently hear is that I will need to “work my magic” in Photoshop. In reality no ‘magic’ is necessary. This is the way you look. When my model saw this image in her email, she said it was SHOCKING.

If it was shocking – it’s because women spend a lifetime looking at themselves in the mirror and not seeing the beauty that they have. Please, ladies – see the beauty that you have, the power that you give, and know that you are a Work of Art.

One of Life’s Greatest Joys

One of life’s greatest joys, is apparently – nursing a toddler. That’s what one of the moms wrote after this photo session Sunday. Laci is the mom standing on the right, and Desmond is attempting a fast escape in this particular shot. Laci is a graphic designer and did much of the editing on this particular photo.Silly-Toddlersw

What an honor it was to have these beautiful women in the studio for the group breastfeeding shoot! Their children were so happy and ‘exploring’ – helping me find dirt and things I didn’t know I had. You’re all welcome to come back any time. Because a woman loving and nourishing her child, is truly, a work of art.

One More Thing to Do

So in between making sure the rent is paid, the UPS guy delivers prints to the right address, and all of my clients get taken care of – I am now a Contributing Author to a new site about all things photographic.
There’s some amazing photographers from all over the world writing, and I’m honored to be considered ‘good enough.’
See my first post (and all the others) here: