I first met this client back in 2009, and the son that would be born after those images were made is soon to turn 5. He has a little brother now as well. Also during that time frame, recovery from a difficult abdominal surgery. She has more than once in her career worked as a professional model and each time I have photographed her I came away better at what I do. She’s also a prominent businessperson and somewhat of a fitness guru.

And she’s an extraordinarily beautiful Work of Art.




Cassie at 33 weeks

Cassie has been featured on Woman as Art before, and I was happy to have her here in the studio again this week.

She’s about 33 weeks along, and is expecting to see her new son in about 6 weeks. He will join a big brother and two big sisters. They all got in the action during the session!





Someone might question the pose in the 3rd photo – with basically Cassie sitting like a man. She did say it was quite comfortable, but the artistic vision behind this is: this is historically a pose of power – and what’s more powerful than bringing life into the world.

And that’s just another way that a woman becomes a masterpiece.

Ashley and Wyatt

Happy to have Ashley and Wyatt in the studio today, and it was especially easy to see the bond the two of them have.

Also easy to see what a curious 11 month old Wyatt is, as there were frequently too many other things that needed to be explored and inspected here in the studio. Including the photographer, as before they left he got in my arms and gave me kisses.

Happy to have both of them here today, and give us all another fine demonstration that a bond between mother and child is a beautiful and artistic thing, and also that when posed alone, a mother can still be a Work of Art.







Frequently when I ask someone if I could make their photographs, they’ll say, “I don’t model.”

My answer to that is that I don’t photograph models – I photograph people that I find interesting.

Such is the case with Kelli.

From all walks of life. Different backgrounds, interests, and appearances – the common theme to be found in women is of course that they are all beautiful. And they give the world LIFE – Kelli’s daughter is 13 months old.





Thanks to Kelli for allowing me to once again to show that a Woman, is a Work of Art.