I Need to do This for Me.

Noni approached me after seeing the images of a friend who I had photographed earlier this year, writing, “After struggling my entire life I’m finally starting to appreciate this imperfect body of mine and it is very freeing…. I guess maybe I think it would help me on that journey as well as maybe help another woman on hers.”

I quickly accepted her offer to pose and we made arrangements for a session, but I could feel something on the other end of the messages – an unsure-ness. This is common. I liken it to – jumping out of an airplane. There’s only one way to know that the parachute will open – to jump and pull the cord.

Four days before the shoot I received a long message from Noni – telling me her story. Here’s part of what she said:

“This body and mind have never found their way to harmony with each other in these 35 years they’ve had together. This year I am trying very hard to find a way through that and to make peace with this body and even find a way to appreciate it and love it.” She told me about sexual abuse, and miscarriages, and then a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis four years ago – “It just confirmed what I had already known, I got the defective model in the body department,” she said.

There was also powerful success in what she said – raising three beautiful daughters, running a half marathon.

But in the end, negativity always wins, as she said, “I felt like this body was ugly, disgusting and the enemy.”






But in these images I can see, and I hope Noni and everyone can as well, that your body – YOU – are a work of art.

Ashley’s Celebration of Motherhood

Thanks to Ashley for bringing Annabelle and Nathaniel to the studio. Annabelle is three and busied herself with looking out the front windows and other things.

Nathaniel wanted to do one thing – well two things – crawl around the place showing me how dirty the floor was, and then be close to Mom.



The beautiful bond between mother and child is absolutely – a Work Of Art.


A woman’s hair has long been celebrated as part of her beauty. Certain royal circles years ago plucked the hairline to a specific curve to look more regal, and some societies a woman’s hair is considered not something for public view.

Fortunately so many beautiful women have spent considerable time recently working their hair to perfection before coming to my studio:







Jade Beall was kind enough to post one of my images this week (https://www.facebook.com/JadeBeallPhotography) and she said “we are all masterpieces.” Indeed ladies, you all are, right down the hair on your head.


I have photographed Cassie a couple of times, and she was kind enough to bring her children and husband to the open house at the new studio when I got things going in my permanent location a year ago. She’s also been gracious enough to appear in some of my advertising, and here as well.

She’s expecting again, and when I saw her shopping a week or two ago I noticed it may be nearly time for her tummy shoot.




It’s interesting to note that each time I have photographed Cassie, she has arrived not only as a professional model would (I suspect, anyway – I don’t really work with models, just regular women, as I have said before), but she also arrives with her children and husband as well. They go off to the back room and play, and she seems to transform herself in front of the camera into someone besides the mommy of toddlers.

Thank you Cassie for being a work of art.