I first photographed Brittany 4 years ago this week. She was probably also the first person who I ever walked up to as a stranger and said, “I really WANT to make photographs of you.”

Fortunately she’s not shy about meeting new people, and I have worked with her several times since then.


Fortunately it was warm weather when I saw her in Walmart, and the top of her ink was exposed. That was of course what brought her to my studio.

Most strangers don’t know that she’s brought life into the world twice, and her body shows the love she has given to her children. She’s also a student, and from what I hear, works hard in the gym, working out the frustrations of a difficult job as well.

These images are from are latest session:



4 thoughts on “Brittany

  1. I’ve seen this photo before somewhere, I’m sure of it. Seems like it was on the internet, probably Facebook, but it seems so familiar, like it really sticks out for some reason. Just wish I remember where I saw it!!!

  2. I’ve watched Brittany go from being like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, a bit unsteady and frail trying to with stand the winds that have blown in her direction…..just like with a real butterfly it is the struggle to emerge that strengthens them allowing them to take flight….so it has been with Brittany. She is one of the strongest, most inspiring, courageous, and beautiful woman I know…..the irony of her tattoo, in a spiritual sense, is no co-incidence.

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