The Beauty of Ballet

I said a couple of years ago to a friend I wanted to photograph a ballet dancer, and that friend connected me with another who connected me with Carly.

Carly’s since graduated after studying dance at the college level, and now teaches. I had not been near (as in the same room) with someone who had such talent, and she seemed to tower over me when she put her shoes on and did the ‘en pointe’ thing. I may have actually been on a step ladder for some of those shots.


There was a quiet grace about her as she began to stretch and get ready, and then she basically started doing her thing even though the floor was slippery, I made her get into a couple of poses a dancer would never be in, and a few other slip-ups.




A Study in Legs

Once again, a client becomes a friend.

I did some photos for Jessica earlier this year, and consequently began following her activities on Instagram. One day she posted a few photos of her doing some inverted yoga there. I very quickly sent her a message inquiring if she’d like to do that in front of the fancy lights – and she obviously said yes. I’m sure she’d probably say here or there that a toe should be pointed better, or some other bit of form was not quite right, but even without perfection by yoga standards, what I photographed her doing is an extraordinary example of how sculpturally beautiful women are.

Jessica is the mother of a hilariously cute daughter, works 3rd’s as a registered nurse, and in the fall will be entering a Nurse-Anesthetist program.




Truly, on the inside and out – Woman As Art.

Who is Woman As Art?

The answer of course is – every woman.

I had a conversation with a friend today. In fact it was someone who’s wedding I photographed a good while ago. She began to name the people that have appeared in my blog to this date – and got all but about 2 right.

The point is that – I have purposely stayed away from ‘professional models’ as I have created these images. They are all clients who became friends, women I met shopping, just out and out friends, and my wife as well. Woman who have jobs and have raised or are raising children, or getting married and are thinking about the day they will have their own.

Such is the case below. Someone who is now a friend, but who came to me looking to create a Valentine’ gift, and THEN stepped way beyond what she thought her comfort zone was to create the image below. ┬áNow a student, learning to care for others. Soon a wife, and thinking about when she will be a mother.

And very much – a Work of Art.


A Little Confidence

Today’s beautiful woman I first photographed 6 years ago, and I have a couple of times since then.

What you may not know about her, is that she suffered from the same affliction that so many other women I have met also do – the MIRROR. When she saw herself in it, she was looking at a different person that what you and I would see.

If I had ever wondered whether I was changing the minds of the women who posed for me, I got assurance from her in this note that I am:
“You really did help me feel so much better about my body. More than you realize, and that confidence is just irreplaceable. So, I thank you thank you thank you! It makes me happy to see many more women discovering the same thing!”




Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, and their insecurities do too. Please don’t compare yours to theirs – either your body or your insecurity.

Incidentally if anyone is interested in posing for Woman As Art, please contact me. I’d be happy to have you in the studio. Here’s some words about how your session might go:
I would never request that you do something that you’re not comfortable with certainly.

I have references LOL – including my wife who’s fully supportive in what I do.

You can remain anonymous.

As far as what the photographs would be – hard to say exactly. I can send you some examples – the website already shows that I work more with light, shadows and curves – than with nipples (LOL).

The Beauty of Pregnancy

As often as I get a chance to, I use my camera to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy.

There’s something special about creating these images, even when the model elects to pose in a more modest manner, as is certainly her right to do. I speak with many women who seem ashamed of they way they look when they’re pregnant, when in fact they should be PROUD. Ladies I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the mirror that you look at; the one you see yourself in daily – is lying to you. You are far more beautiful than what it shows to you.


I’m happy to say my camera and I have been a part of this woman’s life for several years. I photographed her wedding, both of her pregnancies, and her and her children several other times as well. I consider her a close friend.



I first photographed Brittany 4 years ago this week. She was probably also the first person who I ever walked up to as a stranger and said, “I really WANT to make photographs of you.”

Fortunately she’s not shy about meeting new people, and I have worked with her several times since then.


Fortunately it was warm weather when I saw her in Walmart, and the top of her ink was exposed. That was of course what brought her to my studio.

Most strangers don’t know that she’s brought life into the world twice, and her body shows the love she has given to her children. She’s also a student, and from what I hear, works hard in the gym, working out the frustrations of a difficult job as well.

These images are from are latest session:




I’m sure over the course of time there will be many images on this site of women who are expecting. I have found this type of work to be extraordinarily beautiful, and I’m grateful to capture women in this way.

I run across many mothers-to-be who feel as though they’re ‘ugly’ and bloated and sometimes – just call themselves fat. I have found pregnant bodies by and large to be graceful, beautiful, and breath-taking.

This is Darcee:











I have been approached twice by friends to add my ‘take’ on breastfeeding. This I am happy to do. We sometimes forget of the power of a woman – the ability to bring life into the world, and the ability to sustain and nourish that life.

First is Laci. You can read more about her struggles and success HERE. Her son recently celebrated his first birthday, and I was honored to be there with my camera.


And this is Abby. I heard today there will be more of these photos in the near future as she celebrates what she’s able to share with her daughter.