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This page is an extension of my personal art project, and of my photo studio in Southwest Indiana. I have long photographed beautiful women of all ages and shapes, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that someone opened my eyes to how women feel about themselves.

Therefore my art, and this page is built on two truths:

1. Women are BEAUTIFUL. No matter the age, or size, or weight. They are beautiful in their clothes. They are beautiful out of their clothes.

2. The ‘average’ woman has no idea how beautiful she really is.

The goal of what I do with Woman As Art is to fix number two wherever I find it.

God created man, you see – out of dirt and dust and whatever was handy at the time. We’re decidedly average. When He created women, he took special care, and made a work of art.

Visitors to this site should be advised that there is tasteful, and beautiful nudity in many of the photographs here, and I ask that you please respect the models that are here, as I do when they come to my studio to be photographed. Not that they are models, of course, the women here are friends who I have met who have found themselves willing to ‘take the risk’ of posing and as a result have seen themselves in a new way.



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